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Happy 88th Saudi National Day 2018

On behalf of our management at IPD Group, we would like to extend our sincere wishes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on its 88th National Day holiday, which falls on Sunday the 23rd of September 2018. We would like to also extend our wishes to our Saudi Nationals on this occasion as we all celebrate the Kingdoms National Day. You can join us in our celebrations through our official social media accounts. We encourage all of you to join us in spreading this wonderful occasion.

Healthy Makes you Wealthy

In line with our corporate responsibility to promote health and wellness across our group of companies, IPD has launched a healthy initiative specifically for its employees for the month of Ramadan. IPD Group will continue to promote health awareness and support initiatives that add to the wellbeing of our valuable employees and the community.

Annual Strategy Meeting in Bahrain

IPD Group Has conducted its annual strategy meeting in Bahrain to discuss its strategic business plan 2021. IPD executive's from across the Group & its subsidiaries conducted a three-day successful presentation of their detailed plans, the meeting also included training sessions conducted by a highly reunion professor, directed at business and strategy development. IPD Group is committed to achieving impressive growth in the coming years, as we work with highly talented caliber team members we look forward to a brighter future. #businessplanning #planning #caliber